Concentric Inclined Disk 3D plots


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HE-3 30 ml scale with TIP1

These plot are from a 30 ml vessel stirred by a HE-3 like impeller at 250 RPM.

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HE-3 134 liter Scale 3D particle plot

These plots are from a vessel being stirred by a HE-3 impeller. Particles were seeded at position number 1, TIP1, which is in the upper section of the vessel near the surface.

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Interactive 3D webGL plot

I saw the RGL WebGL interactive plot in R-bloggers and I am linking to it if someone is interested in it.

The interactive plots of my works are created using these tools. I recommend you to subscribe to R-bloggers if you dig R.





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First 3D representation with R

Well this is one of the first 3D images I was able to get from R.  It was created with random data and bin number was set to 10 on x,y and z coordinates. Resolution was too coarse to  obtain a decent “mixing” time.


First 3D representation of particle count in the studied vessel. Color indicates particle number, legend was still not created.



This image was created with scatterplot3D library, with symbols set to cube, Color scale denotes particle count in that “cube”. Legend was still not created. I’ll post the script later.

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Eccentric Inclined Disk Impeller E=0.42

This gallery contains 6 photos.

Poincaré maps created by an inclined disk impeller with eccentricity value (E) 0.42 at 250 RPM from TIP2.  

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Using R to visualize models in 3D

This was not available in the print document as it is an interactive resource. Using R it is possible to show the node position in 3D from one of the models used for the CFD simulations interactively. Each point represents 1 node.  One can Zoom in / out and rotate.

Notice the more densely populated volume around corresponding to the volume of fluid in the rotating volume element in the simulation.  A more refined mesh was created there to resolve the impeller area more clearly.

Please to be able to visualize correctly use Firefox ™ or Chrome ™

 Concentric Inclined Disk Impeller

Other geometries will be posted further on.

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3D particle counting and tracing with R

This gallery contains 6 photos.

3D particle plotting and counting with R, scripts will follow.

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Poincaré Maps!

This gallery contains 6 photos.

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Hello world!

Well this is my first post in my Thesis blog, I will be hopefully uploading my material to it and posting new ideas and things that come up regularly.

Thanks for visiting.

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